V3 House by TNT Architects in Vinh, Vietnam

V3 House by TNT Architects in Vinh, Vietnam

project: V3 HouseArchitects: TNT ArchitectsLocation: Vinh, VietnamArea: 1,431 squareftPhotographs by way of: Trieu Chien

TNT Architects have designed and evolved the V3 house project inside the city of Vinh in Vietnam.one of the important characteristics of this contemporary residing is the fact that it manages to make the out of doors areas sense as homely as the interior areas. It makes best utilization of the encircling greenery, turning it into the point of interest of the house.

Vietnam is a growing united states. Metropolitans are built massively, accompany with the evolution of net era. there are many effects attributable to smoke, traffic jam, noise, pollution, and the lives are too busy and complete of stresses. Vinh city isn't an exception. V3 residence is a silent corner inside the noisy Vinh metropolis. it's miles a peaceful area that facilitates us consider and think about our memory. after which we could searching for the human stability.

V3 residence structure has a large space in the course of the primary structure. That facilitates us believe a traditional backyard with the roof, it can additionally give us a image of caves which are included around via bushes. The light passes thru the leaves of trees and fades on the brick partitions.

This area which is unreasonable and disproportionate with people asks human beings to talk with themselves. It’s a new space with a modern and antique language. It’s like a shelter where we conscious the human beings reminiscence with the notion that we are able to locate the stability in thinking about memory.

–TNT Architects

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