Residence in the Galilee, Israel by Golany Architects

Residence in the Galilee, Israel by Golany Architects

whilst Golany Architects approached the design of this house within the Galilee, they took upon themselves the project of maximizing the capacity of the lot at the edge of a village, overlooking the open huge panorama, embellished with the aid of the sea of Galilee.

The preference became for the house to embody and have interaction with the historical panorama. consequently, it became important to hold an unobstructed continuity among the lot and its environment. To decide the precise stage of the house, the architects and clients went to the empty lot, where they climbed a ladder to check for the level at which the sea of Galilee can first be visible. the extent of the house become then cautiously determined for a minimal upward thrust above floor stage to offer some distance views, whilst still keeping off any keeping walls or obstacles, in spite of the mountainous terrain.

The dwelling regions which are positioned on the floor level, are persevered by the garden that seems to extend towards the horizon, thru the fields, and all of the manner to the sea of Galilee. The real size of the lot is simplest 500 square, so so that it will leave sufficient dwelling out of doors vicinity, the residence become split into floors. The bedrooms and own family room, adjoined with a pergola protected terrace, are on the primary ground, in which they are open to the sweeping view above the treetops.

Sustainable and environmental concerns were taken into consideration. The generous openings going through the view to the south and east, require the availability of shading and filtering against the acute solar, that is furnished by the timber shutters. The shutters slide in adjustment to the position of the solar.

The shutter lattices, as ordinary of Mediterranean mashrabiya, block views inwards and keep privacy, even as permitting one to revel in the surroundings from the interior. The mild rays penetrating thru the slits create a mystical, ever-converting environment in the indoors whenever the sun illuminates the shutters.

The big windows and doors on both levels of the residence are recessed from the shutters’ outer façade. The double-pores and skin envelope, created that manner, considerably improves the climate control of the house and as a result – as the clients indicated – no matter the heavy warmness, normal to this vicinity of the Jordan Valley slopes, the residence remains cool and best even throughout the most up to date days of summer time.

between the glazed doorways and the shutters, intermediate areas are created – type of out of doors rooms – enabling to take a seat outside inside the fresh united states air even as nevertheless maintaining the privateness and intimacy of the inner. The intermediate areas can be closed by way of the timber shutters, rendering it an imperative part of the indoors, at the same time as at the identical time being outdoors. at the floor stage, the protected balcony that serves as an outside dwelling room extends the living and dining regions, at the same time as an indoor-outside balcony on the first ground extends the circle of relatives room.

in the bedrooms, between the two layers of the house envelope – the windows and the shutters – small balconies are created. The balconies, with their vertical proportions – as a cutting-edge interpretation of the traditional balcony – offer unobstructed continuity of the near view (the non-public garden), mid view (the village fields) and a ways view (the sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights). carefully located openings on the rear elevations additionally seize views of Mount Canaan and the vintage city of Safed.

The house aims to combine into the pastoral environment. The yellowish-brown ridge on the the front, the rugged soil and the Olive and Carob groves around it where horses graze, led to the selection of the materials: matching shades for the cement textured plaster and the wood shutters outdoor, mild brown stone for the paving internal, and the wood ceiling with its large beams.

The cypress tree on the corner of the lot, the o.k.tree by means of the residing room window and different mature bushes have been preserved throughout creation, and the house become constructed amongst them. Amid the rocks, rosemary, lavender and spice plants with local perfume have been planted. The residence become designed to capture the ambiance of the surroundings and became built out of elements that originate from it.

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