Chiltern House by WOW Architects | Warner Wong Design in Singapore

Chiltern House by WOW Architects | Warner Wong Design in Singapore

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The Chiltern house is a modern, concrete own family house placed at the Chiltern drive street in crucial Singapore. It became designed through  to house the desires of every of the residents. There are enough private areas and commonplace regions for every person, all of them sharing the same exacting degree of detail and environment.the construction of this residence includes concrete, metal and wooden elements that create balanced spaces that would accommodate the own family as a dream residence must.

The areas in this family home on Chiltern force in principal Singapore had been crafted like a garment, woven across the needs and dreams of its population. the house aspired to be deeply rooted, linked to the encircling environment, the records of its improvement, in addition to the own family’s life-style.

The house changed into built as a unmarried monolithic concrete shape.  The woven metal reinforcement and raw wood formwork into which the concrete was solid have imprinted the method of building into its surfaces, with rugged traces inside the concrete and hints of steel reinforcement inside the walls and ledges.  because the early morning solar casts shadows across the textured horizontal bands left in the back of in the concrete wherein the wooden formwork once become, the memory of the construction manner itself marks the passing of time and reminds the family of the effort, desire, and attention in their dream.

The areas within and across the house had been designed for every family member to enjoy their personal privateness and commune with nature, in addition to spaces in which they could meaningfully come together in the introduction and continuation of family rituals around meals, greetings, and homecomings. The residence is articulated around a rectangular geometry in plan, however the spatial association inside this straightforward framework is a complex interplay of big and deep spaces and connections that extend throughout the length of the house in numerous guidelines.

those elongated rooms draw the eye throughout them, at times regarding the perspectives of the garden, across extended home windows that skirt the skyline and horizon or to attention the exaggerated views on choose factors inside a room. these visible connections inside the rooms in addition to from space to space help to unite the inhabitants and cause them to aware about each other’s actions in the residence as well as strongly link the residence to its surrounding environment.

The living and eating rooms are linked in one non-stop area with a swimming pool at one give up and a rear lawn at the opposite. along the duration of the room, a low bay window ledge solid into the folds of the wall and an extended horizontal window beginning provide an intimate and direct connection to the panorama, as well as casual seating that can with no trouble accommodate one or many human beings. further, the expansive kitchen island that extends throughout the tall and grand kitchen runs parallel to a huge view of the rear garden and makes the kitchen a bright and pleasant room that is simply as a great deal a social space as a operating place.

With this architectural language of deep areas and extensive home windows, dramatic linear vistas of the gardens that surround the residence are framed. The views to the greenery provide a experience of serenity and reflection to the population and floor them to their surroundings. The end result of these perspectives happens within the master bedroom that runs across the complete the front façade of the top storey with a singular horizontal commencing across its frontage. This wide window takes in a fantastic and uninterrupted view of the suburban skyline past.

even though the residence became designed as an integrated enjoy of the architecture, indoors and landscape design, each discipline has its specific expression and idea; the structure with its rugged concrete aesthetic and expressed creation method, the panorama with four degrees of distinct solutions for extraordinary spatial targets using a selection of tropical landscape techniques, and the interiors with a tapestry of personal artifacts that subtly convey the history of the circle of relatives.

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