Penthouse V by Destilat in Carinthia, Austria

Penthouse V by Destilat in Carinthia, Austria

undertaking: Penthouse VArchitects: location: Pörtschach am Wörthersee, Carinthia, AustriaArea: 2,690 sq.ftPhotographs by: Courtesy of 

The Penthouse V is a remodel project by Austrian company . This 2,690 square feet apartment is positioned above a as soon as famous cinema in  Pörtschach, designed in 1930.right now, it's far a holiday home of a German family which include seven participants. Its interior is created with vivid flooring, lavish, white surfaces and cozy grey tones. this is the inspiration of its cutting-edge, serene atmosphere.

within the path of the revitalisation of the former Werzer cinema in Pörtschach, which was designed via the famous “Wörthersee-Architect” Franz Baumgartner in 1930, elements of the roof truss had been raised to make room for a spacious penthouse.

This 250m2 apartment has come to be the holiday home of a German business family of 7. shiny flooring, cosy gray tones, and indulgent white surface areas are the sound foundation of this condo’s serene, harmonious atmosphere.

The centre of the condominium is a spacious dwelling room with the so-known as “camouflage kitchen”, which was also designed via destilat. The fronts of this kitchen are provided with eternit panels. Its drawers have barely slanted angles. This clean design detail will become a welcome counterpoint to the secure ecosystem of the condo. A lights circle hovers above this principal point of the living place and further highlights its atmospheric effect.

The children’ secure bedrooms, a visitor room and a main bedroom with an en-suite rest room are grouped round a spacious, valuable residing room.

considered one of this challenge’s critical demanding situations changed into to spotlight the huge and up to six metres high foremost room in its entirety while creating a comfy and comfortable surroundings on the same time.

but a lot attempt became additionally positioned inside the choice of different materials and furnishings elements to make certain their practical and user-friendly properties meet the daily necessities of a huge circle of relatives – they ought to be youngster-pleasant and therefore as durable as viable.

The layout idea is stimulated by way of systems, textures, and the dynamics of roofscapes. It additionally can pay tribute to a specific function of Austrian post-warfare structure by using incorporating milled eternit façade panels as fixtures fronts some distance past the primary kitchen place, which was another intricate undertaking, considering the fact that a one rectangular metre eternit panel weighs up to 13 kilograms.

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