EYE-D – A Place Where You Don’t Only Shop

EYE-D – A Place Where You Don’t Only Shop

task: Eye-DArchitects: vicinity: Istanbul, TurkeyPhotographs by using: Ali Bekman

Eye-D designed via  in Istanbul, isn't simply a store, but a multi motive venue… It’s a blogger spot, a assembly point, an art gallery, a espresso store or a music venue… greater importantly, it is a human enjoy primarily based area. a place in which you no longer handiest store, but involve in different reviews, being privy to your surrounding and valuing it.

Eye-d isn't always simply designed to be an optical store. No commercial enterprise is just the enterprise itself anymore. the whole lot is social. We can not forget about these days’s information while even sitting at home by means of yourself can be a social media product.

besides, in crowded metropolises like Istanbul, existence is busy, fast and tough. Sparing time for the entirety and anyone is nearly not possible. So maybe that’s why we are continually doing many stuff at a time; having a morning coffee, whilst checking mails and news, adding memories to Instagram, following pals to catch up with what they're doing, and also keep on doing our paintings.

We additionally strive to relate ourselves with the environments round us. allow’s call this user experience. when we are in an exhibition, a bookstall, or a shopping mall, there’s always a few form of experience, but usually, due to the life in those metropolises itself or the scale of those environments, the experience is by some means out of human proportion. It isn't always clean to narrate oneself to, or to increase an affinity.

So, Eye-D isn't simply a shop, but a multi cause venue. It’s a blogger spot, a meeting factor, an artwork gallery, a coffee keep or a track venue… greater importantly, it's miles a human enjoy based totally space. an area wherein you now not handiest keep, however contain in other stories, being aware of your surrounding and valuing it.

then again, as nearly the entirety else around us, the idea of an optical shop has additionally changed. What was once very technical, even scientific has now come to be fashionable. sporting spectacles or shades used to be a technical need. to satisfy this reason, shops have been designed hygienical, as if designing a fitness care space. smooth reduce. Sterile. clinical.

thinking about that your face is the primary/maximum eye catching a part of your frame, your glasses have a different position in identifying your individual, personalizing your appearance. So Eye-d indicates “why wear a mass emblem, while you can purchase opportunity, unbiased designer glasses!”. growing a ‘Rayban-free’ buying area, the design solution that we give you couldn’t be whatever like commonplace! It need to be an top notch, opportunity, eye catching, funky, distinctive, in no way getting outdated but fashionable area, allowing one-of-a-kind studies each time for its users.

Our approach become to create a cosy, interactive, person pleasant surroundings, appropriate to human scale, in the middle of the chaotic metropolis. it's miles a space designed to be adapted to special purposes without problems, even as developing a conversation with its user. We think the most powerful tool of accomplishing that is the splendid use of simple and acquainted materials/thoughts.

Like our usual approach to our designs; we got here up with only a few easy, but very robust design ideas and shaped the entire space inside that framework. such a ideas became to form an iron body work and panels that create a multi cause heritage, allowing clean arrangements for special wishes like showcasing glasses in addition to art works.

the alternative idea become to assign a mild, acquainted, pleasant element, some thing easy in shape and length, and generate a space using it all round. We decided on cork yoga blocks and ended up placing 550 of them in 105m² location, ninety five of them with light assets. We additionally hung a 4m lengthy plywood table laminated cork on each facets, from simply four corners to the ceiling. Matching cork Bob stools from Modus are wandering around…

the important thing in running on a simple, regular fabric or an idea is the information and the way you interpret the idea and put into effect it. carefully considered details and implementations with excessive exceptional workmanships are our all time indispensables.

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