Box on the Rock by Schwartz and Architecture in Sonoma, California

Box on the Rock by Schwartz and Architecture in Sonoma, California

mission: field at the RockArchitects: region: Sonoma, California, USAArea: 2,000 sqftPhotographs via: 

container on a Rock is a modest cutting-edge residence located in the hills above the Sonoma Valley in California.This 2,000 square feet home become designed and completed by means of . Its designed started as nothing but a simple box due to the constricted footprint of the web page.

The constricted footprint of the affectionately-named “field on the Rock” is a reaction to a constrained finances and a difficult website; shallow underground waterways run throughout the hillside, daylighting in unexpected and undesirable locations. This unreliable terrain necessitated exceedingly costly pier footings, for this reason motivating an extremely compact and green 2,000 squareft footprint. Given no initial resources to broaden the wild scrub and rock panorama of the 3-acre assets, the house will become a lone outpost settling the better ground of the larger herbal web page – a field on the rock.

Subjected to the extremes of the wine united states microclimate at the exposed website, the relevant courtyard and the cantilevered deck are strategically carved out of the diagrammatic box to make certain that over the path of the day, temperate alternatives for both solar and coloration are usually available. especially, the geometry of the overhang at the the front cantilevered deck and the inward attitude of its exterior glass partitions are carefully calibrated to seize morning sun and wintry weather warming at the same time as defensive the inner area from the most harsh summer season glare. Later in the day, the significant courtyard comes alive because the sunniest advanced outside area, but one this is obviously cooled with the aid of capturing the valley go breezes.

With an financial system of way, a easy container morphs to enlarge the enjoy of this new home’s dramatic web page. every adjustment to the diagrammatic field negotiates purposeful and environmental demands to create a self-contained and site-specific domestic with a minimal environmental effect.

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