Tourist Information in South Germany: Modern symbol of a culture-rich city

Tourist Information in South Germany: Modern symbol of a culture-rich city

assignment: visitor records CenterArchitects: place: Schwäbisch hall, Southern GermanyArea: three,229 sqftPhotographs through: 

 – a German studio based in Stuttgart, has designed a new traveler data middle for the city of Schwäbisch hall, located within the German kingdom of Baden-Württemberg. The aim of the brand new concept is to create a area which could deliver the identity of the metropolis via digital and analog content. The cutting-edge design will offer an overview of the gap straight away after the visitors enter the center. It also holds a space for merchandise display and presentation. permit’s see what the architects have to mention approximately it.

The harmony among anthracite, white and timber tones is considerable from outside

DIA – Dittel Architekten is chargeable for the layout concept in addition to the planning and execution of the new traveler records Centre in Schwäbisch hall, Southern Germany. The aim of the idea is to use the space to convey the metropolis’s identity and allow this identity to be experienced thru virtual and analogue contents. Values including service-orientation and the rising cultural richness are incorporated right into a present day design language, which goes on to shape an exciting symbiosis with the conventional nature of the half-timbered building built inside the 17th century. The area, that is under heritage safety, become absolutely renovated as a part of the new concept. The vacationer information Centre opened on 06 December 2017.

In a competitive tendering process, DIA – Dittel Architekten got here out on pinnacle with a concept that transforms the visitor information Centre into a cutting-edge symbol of the culture-wealthy metropolis. The brilliant look and experience is obvious to travelers and citizens even from the outdoor. the brand new glass facade in the front region represents transparency and offers visitors an thrilling study the reception, merchandise and the digital corporate wall. The three hundred m2 space is designed in a service-centric manner and divided into the subsequent zones: reception, traveler recommendation, retail, records and ancillary areas.

site visitors will get a top level view of the space immediately upon entry and are guided through the location intuitively. looking instantly in advance famous a spacious staircase that serves because the connecting detail among the decrease and higher retail space. on the proper side, site visitors can approach the constantly manned reception table or gain contemporary statistics via the screen included into the wall. on the left aspect, a window show, which may be visible from the out of doors, stretches alongside the facade, up the staircase, and into an inviting seating area. This show bureaucracy the start of a row of cube-formed wall shelves and products show devices for retail and presentation. those shelves and display gadgets are designed and arranged mainly for the goods to inspire traffic to browse. The pendant lighting used here highlight the merchandise on show and represent an excellent light set up on their personal. The rest of the space is illuminated by means of black surface-hooked up ceiling lighting with a graphical look to create a impartial ecosystem. There are likewise pieces of carrier furniture available at the upper stage – including seating furnishings where important – for imparting records and recommendation.

The shade and material concept revolves round a mild-dark comparison and herbal colorations. The anthracite-coloured corporate wall surrounding the space is a design element that establishes the space’s identification and connects the character zones collectively. on the same time, it offers extra uses by way of presenting room for shelves, noticeboards, presentations, window displays and garage area as well as functioning as an acoustic barrier. This, in mixture with, vivid flooring and a white suspended ceiling, creates a friendly, modern surroundings. the colours are reversed inside the staircase area, making the backlit line artwork with motifs of the metropolis of Schwäbisch hall completely come alive. Multimedia displays, digital panels and brilliant photographic snap shots are positioned during the complete area and complete the picture of the town.

decrease retail area with reception desk, virtual video screen and presentation area

The seating area accompanies traffic to the top floor

all rightfurniture creates a heat atmosphere

Inviting provider state of affairs

products presentation is separated into zones through lights concept

Intuitive sharing of informations

Reception desk expressing the synergy between shape, color and materials

company wall as a connective layout element with extra makes use of

The harmony between anthracite, white and wood tones is noticeable from outdoor

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