Lot o7 – Contemporary Offices in the Batignolles district of Paris, France

Lot o7 – Contemporary Offices in the Batignolles district of Paris, France

mission: Lot o7Architects:  and region: Paris, FranceArea: 260,486Photographs by: Takuji Shimmura, Stefan Tuchila, Sergio Grazia

Lot 07 is a latest office building undertaking finished with the aid of  and  inside the Batignolles district of Paris, France. This massive 260,486 square feet constructing is part of the extraordinarily dynamic renewal of the Clichy-Batignolles district in Paris.

The building is part of the extraordinarily dynamic renewal underway in the Clichy-Batignolles district, an area characterized in component by way of the convergence of railways leading to the Saint Lazare educate station. located at the threshold of the web of educate tracks, at the platform partially protecting the rail corridors for educate garage, the website online is inserted between this establishing facing the broader landscape and what's becoming a densely constructed up new city artery on the alternative.

The “ribbon” plan gives an open façade in relation with the context of the educate tracks, the road and the park. for this reason, just like the Möbius ribbon, the outdoors and indoors spaces interlock on all facets of the building, enabling smooth and fluid motion and visual continuity from the outside, from the floor floor as much as the roof. all of the façades have obtained the same cautious attention to their layout, ensuring their continuity resembles a non-stop, homogeneous and unbroken skin.

The complete building is clad with enameled terra cotta, a reference to the industrial homes standing along the teach tracks. carried out on all of the façades, this skin comes alive, its look changing consistent with the path wherein the façades are facing and in step with the best of sunlight hours and what's occurring within the sky.

The lobby is laid out with easy materials. Vals stone laid out lengthwise covers the ground and the interior of the staircase just like the lining of a garment. The steel structure composed of columns creates a amazing area with a peak of 8 meters. those cruciform metal structural factors imbue the space with a subtle vibrancy. The remedy of the bottom of the columns hides their spring supports. Technical elements also disappear below the non-stop material surfaces.

The thinking about the domestic environment of labor spaces brought about an opportunity layout for circulations encouraging friendliness and spontaneity. thus, outdoors and interior areas were interwoven throughout all façades of the constructing, thereby facilitating the smooth go with the flow from one region to the following and ensuring visible continuity from the outdoor, form the floor ground up to the roof, where a hanging lawn offers a wholly new kind of paintings space.

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