El Guarango House by Bernardo Bustamante in Quito, Ecuador

El Guarango House by Bernardo Bustamante in Quito, Ecuador

project: El Guarango HouseArchitects: area: Quito, EcuadorArea: 1,162 sqftPhotographs by way of:

The El Guarango residence is built proper into a hillside in Quito, Ecuador. This 1,162 square ft weekend home is designed by  to combine cutting-edge residing right into a non violent, rural putting. The contemporary home nestles into its surroundings, sitting on my own on top of a hill, imparting brilliant perspectives of the developing city location under and the valley into the space.

The Guarango house is located in Rumiloma, one of the hills that stems from the Ilaló, a hill that has these days been included to become part of Quito´s swiftly growing urban area. Rumiloma´s abnormal topography with its steep slopes and sharp ravines creates an extraordinary view of the Ecuadorean Andes.

The house is situated inside the uppermost place of a huge batch of 3 hectares taking gain of a natural present platform, much like the plant of the houses´ unmarried floor base área, which avoids interfering with the land´s herbal given characteristics.

The architectural program changed into conceived as a weekend bed room home, with a social location that doubles its size, with the aid of integrating the outer protected terrace which in itself extends its view for ever and ever in the direction of the Inga Valley, the web page of Ecuador´s first human settlements.

It changed into built in 75 days, optimizing sources to lessen fees to a mínimum, no matter the hard get entry to to the initiatives area.

the construction generation used, fuses the steel framework with load- bearing brick masonry. A contemporary impact is executed with using ancestral assets including hand made clay bricks made on the equal place with clay soil from the ground.

within the inner architectural design, the need to close and shield the house on all fronts while the owners aren't gift become taken under consideration by means of growing a machine of sliding gates designed to also conceal from view in the identical systems of the residence while open.

Water is scarce on this location and there is no drinking water deliver. It doesn´t rain for 1/2 of the 12 months , consequently rain water is collected from the roof in an synthetic grotto dug next to the residence which is then complemented through a device of cisterns that accumulate water thru integrated gutters located in strategic areas of the land, which in turn assist with the reforestation of the website.

This project demonstrates how it's far possible to clear up the want to construct a weekend house in a rural location with a completely unique and simple volume the use of honest traditional and modern materials, and without hiding positive elements, generating efficiency and synthetism regular with a sustainable concept.

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