Wentworth House by MHN Design Union in Sydney, Australia

Wentworth House by MHN Design Union in Sydney, Australia

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 is an Australian studio primarily based in Sydney and who've received a few recognition for certainly one of their tasks referred to as the Wentworth residence. it's miles positioned in Vaucluse, a suburb of Sydney, Australia whose design brief become to provide a large domestic so as to combination into its surroundings.

The site is located at the southern ridges of Sydney Harbour at the crest of a gully which feeds into Vaucluse Bay. it's far closely wooded with mature eucalypt and palm trees dotted across the web site. The site is characterized by way of a sequence of sandstone rock shelfs which occur at numerous heights as you descend down from the street level.

The design brief changed into to provide a own family home which provided generous amenity but sat quietly inside the landscape. Our reason turned into to seize the story of the website online via the layout of the house. From the outset we desired to merge the residence and land in a continuing way. Our reaction became to create a series of planar elements in both plan and phase to define the spaces which interlock and enlarge into the landscape. overlaying this idea is the linking stair which threads through the stages twisting and turning like a piece of rope. The blade walls are parallel and orientate to the north east with the ends open or glazed hence imparting transparency and openness to mild, air flow and harbour perspectives.

In segment, the multiple ground levels are dealt with like cascading structures and echo the present rock shelf. those systems serve to lower you through the house similar to an initial discovery of the site. The stair is valuable to this revel in with the number one areas extending from it like eddies from a movement. those areas are quiet and reposed yet keep their visible connection to the circulate spine. The swimming pool extends the residing space and sits high above the floor almost touching the tree cover.

Emphasising the experiential collection is a feel of materiality and texture with off shape concrete, recycled Ironbark, Burnt Ash and Basaltina stone forming the number one palette. The experience of contact is heightened with the warmth of the local timbers complementing the clean finishes of the concrete partitions and stone floors.

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