North Vancouver House by Scott & Scott Architects in Vancouver, Canada

North Vancouver House by Scott & Scott Architects in Vancouver, Canada

project: North Vancouver HouseArchitects: region: Vancouver, CanadaArea: 1,614 sqftPhotographs by way of: Courtesy of 

The North Vancouver house is a entire refurbishment of a mid-century contemporary house placed just below Grouse Mountain in northern Vancouver, Canada. The maintenance turned into carried out by means of the Canadian studio  who agreed with the owners’ hobby in respecting the original information of the residence, even as at the same time, complementing it with traditional capabilities and materials.

operating with the architects to find a suitable belongings for a brand new home the clients purchased a Fifties put up and beam house located near the base of Grouse Mountain. The residence, while substantially renovated over time, had a modest scale, well proportioned rooms and a sturdy connection to the wooded and mature backyard.

The venture includes the layout and production of the restoration and protection of the one hundred fifty sq. m residence. The dwelling area became stripped of elaborations, offerings rationalized and the enclosed stair become replaced with a new open stair of metal and fir which allows for the mild from the second one floor corridor window to connect to the floor floor.

The project draws from the architects and clients ( history professors) shared hobby in traditional materials and respect for the authentic information of the house.

to embellish the spaces the douglas fir beams have been lye washed and the structural decking become finished with a material carried out pigmented oil. The living areas have been reduced to the structural shell, the walls have been repaired and completed in a natural lime based whitewash and the flooring floor and troweled.

The materials used had been decided on for their contrasting strengths and minimally finished using conventional strategies which can be maintainable and gather seen symptoms of use over time. The steel stair and fireplace frame have been finished with wood range paste and bowling alley wax and the cabinetry was lye washed and sealed with soap.

With minimum alternate to the configuration of the spaces, the purposeful garage changed into consolidated into douglas fir plywood cupboard blocks to maximise the open areas whilst imparting hid storage for the living, access and kitchen.

The kitchen was crafted of stable ash and designed for the open storage of the owners series of studio pottery. even as open and light in segment, the joinery changed into specified to structurally bear the load of the 800kg marble counter monolith which become milled from a block the architects decided on from the Hisnet Inlet quarry placed on Vancouver Island near their very own alpine cabin.

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