Raw House by Taller Estilo Arquitectura in Merida, Mexico

Raw House by Taller Estilo Arquitectura in Merida, Mexico

assignment: uncooked HouseArchitects: Taller Estilo ArquitecturaLocation: Merida, Yucatan, MexicoArea: 1,614 squareftPhotographs through: David Cervera

Taller Estilo Arquitectura have designed a present day, 3 tale concrete house in Merida, Mexico. The uncooked house or Nude house because the architects call it, is placed on a constrained plot of land in the metropolis’s tightly packed Santiago neighborhood.It became advanced to ensure secure residing for its citizens, whilst additionally casting off the sensation of dwelling in a crowded place. The way this was done changed into true deviating from the usage of synthetic and fabricated substances. alternatively, the architects have displayed the use of with no trouble available substances sourced from local corporations. however what definitely “expands” the interior is a hard and fast of double-top glass doorways that open absolutely toward the rear courtyard and swimming pool. Take a look!

If we speak approximately architecture, in current years plainly the trend is to apply synthetic and revolutionary materials, that are on the equal time more highly-priced.

Our challenge for the “uncooked residence” undertaking turned into precisely the other; the use natural, not unusual and quite simply to be had substances in the city leaving them naked and uncovered to comprehend their intrinsic splendor.

the first mission came with the scale of plot, an urban waste as a consequence of a subdivided circle of relatives home; the place of 6.five x 27.five with a west facade changed into now not the maximum encouraging for housing needs.

the solution to the assignment, also solved the issues of sunlight on the west and the issue of go air flow in all spaces, developing a barrier with the offerings to the west and setting apart the northern limit of the house, leaving most effective 80cm that allow the creation of an “air chimney” which fits successfully.

Passive conditioning factors grow to be an integral part of the layout, the pool that cools the air before entering the house, the glass wall to the east that opens or closes the space and controls the drift and the quantity of air, sliding glass doors into the “air chimney” that create an front for the herbal mild in the north and a plant wall to the west to increase the thermal barrier.

Permaculture pots which continually have water avoid overheating of the get right of entry to area. Intermediate gardens work as a transition among the get entry to to the residing vicinity and the interior garden.

The cloth palette is largely decided with the aid of the construction and structural factors exposing them for the most element. The regular block wall, so commonplace within the place transforms itself by using fending off the overlapping and being obvious turning into the “module” of complete design.

ultimately floors and woodwork elements (mostly recycled from antique doorways) upload a warm character to the general atmosphere.

–Taller Estilo Arquitectura

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