RK House by AP Arquitetos in Curitiba, Brazil

RK House by AP Arquitetos in Curitiba, Brazil

challenge: RK HouseArchitects: AP ArquitetosLocation: Curitiba, BrazilArea: three,229 sq.ftPhotographs by way of: Estudiograma

AP Arquitetos, a Brazilian architecture studio, have designed the RK house in the capital of Brazil’s Parana kingdom, the metropolis of Curitiba. it is the largest metropolis in this country and it's miles quite tightly packed. This referred to as for a extraordinary technique in design so that it will make the maximum out of the available area.The RK house is a modern-day home that spans across three,2 hundred square feet, wherein the living room and kitchen are designed with an open floor plan. The interior gets lots of sunlight way to the big glass panels on the northern facet of the home, growing a scene of continuous lighting all over the home.

The 300 m² residence is orientated inside the north/south format, being rooms, dwelling room and kitchens (regions of non-stop use) going through north. on this facade, large glass panels and balconies assure best and continuous lighting. corridor, storage, offerings, and office (constrained use regions) dealing with the south. In these areas, few openings guarantee the minimum loss of heat.

The volumetry of the project is based on six important structural plans in the north/south direction. many of the plans, aluminum frames create an appearance of lightness and consequences of shadow, light, and wind. inside the east/west route, we introduce a aircraft in wood to differentiate it from the opposite structural traces.

The six plans create 3 big volumes and the primary access is at the highest quantity, from the left of the character getting into the house, developing a hierarchy among the volumes that outline the entrance. The office, on this southern view, advances 4 meters in a cantilevered shape. inside the north view, terrain backside, the plans, and volumes do no longer have hierarchy among them.

within the workplace, seen south, the factors that differentiate are the concrete cobogos. these had been inserted to guarantee a visible protection to the workplace besides being conventional factors of Brazilian modernist architecture. A small tear guarantees the external visuals.

The garage and tune studio had been leased underground. So the ground floor may be left open as a huge living room connecting living, dining, kitchen, and fish fry. In the front of the eating room changed into located the pool, outside and partly blanketed.

–AP Arquitetos

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