Villa Kogelhof by Paul de Ruiter Architects in The Netherlands

Villa Kogelhof by Paul de Ruiter Architects in The Netherlands

challenge: Villa KogelhofArchitects: place: Noord-Beveland, The NetherlandsArea: 7,696 sq.ftPhotographs by way of: 

Villa Kogelhof is a decently-sized contemporary house placed in Noord-Beveland inside the Netherlands. It was designed via  to be a self-sufficient, carbon-impartial home that is prepared to go into the destiny of sun strength and strength storage.however before constructing the constructing, they've planted seventy one,000 trees across the big site that used to function agricultural fields.

Our challenge with Villa Kogelhof was to plan a cutting-edge design that surpasses expectations in phrases of sustainability and at ease dwelling. We aimed to design a villa that embraces its ecological surroundings. at the same time, we desired to create an airy and relaxed living environment for citizens.

earlier than beginning paintings on construction of the villa, we converted the conventional landscape into an ecological nature region.

We planted 70,000 bushes on what have been previously agricultural fields and designed a huge pond for migratory birds.

We got here up with new methods to enable the villa to be completely self-enough in phrases of its strength requirements. The aim was a villa that relishes its independence. The façade, made absolutely of glass, therefore not only gives an airy and cutting-edge residing surroundings. The climate façade is also clever and makes use of an revolutionary ventilation machine to modify the climate within the villa. We believe that, with the right innovations, you can use any herbal source cloth to create a sustainable and quality domestic.

living definitely independently of strength providers is actually feasible.

With a cooling machine designed in-residence, a water roof that uses daylight to illuminate the basement and clever use and reuse of the solar and wind, we show that the reputedly impossible is certainly feasible.

Transparency became our watchword. by using including as few partitions and obstacles as feasible on the main living ground, we allow daylight loose rein. The villa consists of two layers: the glass residing layer above ground and the excavated basement where the doorway is located. inside the mild that shines through the water roof, the storage can be found and behind it the technical location that calls for no lighting. in case you walk via to the stairwell, you enter a spacious office where a extensive window overlooks the villa’s very own land and the pond. on the top ground, you're embraced through the encompassing world of nature, with a view over 25 hectares of the property and the ultra-modern Delta Works at the horizon.

The 280 m2 of solar panels on the roof offer the house with extra electricity than it wishes and the excess electricity is used to fee vehicles or, in the destiny, may be saved in batteries, which includes the Tesla Powerpack.

We wanted this unique mixture of landscape and present day technology additionally to be reflected in the design of the residing area, presenting straight lines and an airy sense. Our purpose become to achieve this in a manner that ensures that the sustainable innovations do now not undermine the delight of living.

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