Holiday Cottage by Tóth Project Architect Office in Kapuvár, Hungary

Holiday Cottage by Tóth Project Architect Office in Kapuvár, Hungary

mission: holiday CottageArchitects: location: Kapuvár, HungaryArea: 538 sq.ftPhotographs by using: Tamás Bujnovszky

 have designed an amazingly idyllic getaway excursion Cottage in Hungary, on a plot placed alongside the shore of a lake in Kapuvá's far formed within a easy rectangular shell made completely of larch wood. It opens up toward the lake in addition to closer to the street on the other facet. the opening is covered in glass partitions which frames marvelous views of the nearby lake.

it's miles continually a huge mission to design a residence of the lake-shore.

We desired to create something special, something particular. The region itself is idyllic, while we are there, we experience a unique environment. Being closed from the noise of the town, closed from the external global it is the island of quiet.

We imagined a house that is an natural part of its environment, soundly speaking with it. It has a simple shape, floor-plan, materials. certainly, the constructing is a matchbox standing on one side of it that's pierced thru within the center. Simpleness seems not best in the form of the constructing but additionally inside the mild software of the confined assortment of the natural and artificial materials. The entire constructing is manufactured from larch, unfastened from any vain decoration. similarly to the steel sheet roofing and the big glass surface only a horizontal, regularly fuming plank protecting, in addition to on the storage part a break up stack of wooden of small texture can be visible. because of lifting out from the surrounding gravel layer it produces a floating effect.

The ground-plan layout is characterised by using transparency and fineness. It includes two principal devices: one among them is a central room for residing and dining functions collectively with a bath-toilet unit. the alternative one is the terrace open in two directions however roofed, together with a storage room beside. The vital area has a complete glass surface inside the path of the lake; the other inner surfaces are blanketed with panelled timber protecting which hides the storages and the kitchen as nicely. The constructing is blanketed from warming up by way of outer cloth roller-blinds, when they are rolled down the constructing has any other lifestyles in operation and in its appearance as nicely: in such instances the terrace is totally included so it is an person outdoor living-room.The sitting-meditating location beside the hearth serves also as a wind-protective wall. The huge landing stage, performing in nearly a steel gray shade, collectively with the rusty plate buttress at the back of radiates a special calmness.

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