House Without Borders by Architectural Studio Chado in Russia’s Rostov Region

House Without Borders by Architectural Studio Chado in Russia’s Rostov Region

mission: residence with out bordersArchitects: vicinity: Rostov area, RussiaArea: four,197 sq.ftPhotographs by: Inna Kablukov

 has designed a modern day home in the Rostov place in Russia. searching at it from the street, you would possibly assume that that is just every other regular, mid-century current home, however as soon as you step inner you're going to recognize why it is named the residence without boundaries. Its interior is some thing however ordinary with its seamless transition between areas and an intimate connection to the backyard which houses a rather big swimming pool surrounded by a brilliant panorama.

current homes have long ceased to in shape into the idea of “four  walls ” , or ” box . ” Now the surroundings is unfastened to come back into the residence , and the residence seamlessly expands its limitations , shooting the encircling location.

one of the most effective and not unusual techniques to acquire this effect:

– a panoramic windows , which makes the boundary of assets and implicit mixed.

within the same mission architects have long gone in addition . residence ” came out ” now not only for via glazing , however additionally because of structural factors of the roof extending the scope of the building , developing a complicated three -dimensional sport.

Sami those elements deserve unique attention, as finished here isn't simplest useful however also ornamental , or even trailblazing function being the idea of architectural and creative composition.

comment of architect Eugene Zadorozhnigo Arhitekturnaya Studio Chado :

The design of the ceiling – a form of skeleton of the roof. The idea become that ,to expose the splendor of the service middle is not closed to any decor.

this could be referred to as a desire for “honesty” inside the layout.

The very structural member transmitting the burden from the roof to the walls, designed of beams of laminated wooden , painted white. The roof is blanketed ceramic tiles and filed toned board.

one of the main requests of the residence was the house of the future presence of a fireplace that could

He occupied a vital and essential place . And the architects managed to resolve this hassle , clearly axis of fire at domestic, around which it's miles constructed , indoors and the outer component. Double-sided hearth has grow to be the primary spotlight , but the foremost problem challenge , on account that it's miles tied to the stained-glass window , and he in turn, with a roof . but the attempt is honestly It turned into well worth .

comment architect Eugene Zadorozhnigo Arhitekturnaya Studio Chado ::

two-manner fireplace became the maximum unusual and complicated answer. The concept became born from the desire to rationally use the fire area : as an example, hearth included into the wall beginning onto a terrace with swimming pool, and he performed for 2 side. Himself hearth is a freestanding furnace taxation brick. functional niche for firewood – it’s not a sham , however the actual woodpile .

On both aspect of the fire to put in a large stained-glass windows , while warm outside , they may be full push , and the boundaries among the residence and its surroundings is nearly completely erased.

consequently, the outside terrace by way of the pool , be despatched to the warmth-dealt with larch , is an extension of the dwelling room , one for the residing room or within the open sky.

some other unifying detail among interior and outside emerge as finishing cloth – textured hand-molded bricks , which is duplicated on facades of homes, and in interior ornament . Themselves walls of the house are made of ceramic block . There in the residence and some other unusual selection , erasing has internal borders – is a kitchen wall in place of an apron stained glass work surface set up via which the hostess , with out interrupting the cooking method , can appearance after youngsters within the subsequent sport room.

with regard to the furniture , it combines both the pleasant thing via huge and noble materials , and positive ” playfulness ” in the forms and a combination of textures and colours.

the bathroom seems greater confined . solid granite , not anything greater and not anything catchy .

The function of the fence segment performs gravel, rolled in among the 2 grids that It appears very colourful.

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