Shen Shen Garden – Private office in a garden of ease and peace by Yushe Yuzhu

Shen Shen Garden – Private office in a garden of ease and peace by Yushe Yuzhu

undertaking: Shen Shen GardenArchitects: location: Shanghai, ChinaPhotographs by way of: (T+E) Hu Yijie

 have finished their Shen Shen lawn task in Shanghai, China. before everything glance, you would possibly think it's miles a everyday modern-day home however in case you step inside, you are going to discover that this modern constructing is sincerely an office building with some dwelling spaces as properly. That turned into the whole point of the design wherein operating should feel as cozy as enjoyable in your house. To furthermore create a feeling of harmony, the architects made certain to hold maximum of the prevailing timber, growing a sense that the constructing is supposed to develop up most of the trees.

The project is placed at a personal lawn in suburban Shanghai, which has a tremendous view of bushes with color in late spring. by way of dwelling and running here far from the hustle and bustle of town, the owner attempts to are seeking for a balance among current existence and his inner global.

It’s a place for dancing and sitting in meditation, crying and giggling in addition to wondering and whispering. It’s this sort of mood that ‘while one was unoccupied with commercial enterprise, his way changed into smooth.’

the relationship between building and tress is emphasized in layout. The architects try to reserve maximum of existing timber with least remove and addition. The constructing is meant to ‘grow up’ amongst timber.

that's greater critical, constructing or trees? Are trees embraced inside the building? Or is the constructing hidden in timber? that is no want to find the solution.

constructed with plain concrete the constructing has a raw floor of hand-made marks, which complements its power amongst timber. Concrete partitions of different heights stretch between constructing and bushes to create vibrant areas with a sense of both cleanness and variedness.

It’s a adventure starting from access to the garden, which moves thru trees with colour and partitions of concrete, with the aid of leaving busy urban lifestyles at the back of.

The building has three components for working, enjoyable and dwelling related by way of terraces and corridors. folks who walk through it may have an intimate contact with trees. by means of window openings the architects outline frames of nature indoors. The proprietor may want to feel a spread of nature scenes in exceptional seasons.

Tears in eyes after I’m leaving here each time, for I’m in deep love with the ‘shen shen lawn’, a lawn of ease and peace.


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Shen Shen Garden – Private office in a garden of ease and peace by Yushe Yuzhu Photo Gallery