Sawmill Retreat by Olson Kundig Architects in Tehachapi, California

Sawmill Retreat by Olson Kundig Architects in Tehachapi, California

undertaking: Sawmill RetreatArchitects: location: Tehachapi, California, USAArea: 4,a hundred and seventy sq.ftPhotographs with the aid of: Courtesy of 

The Sawmill Retreat is an off-the-grid residence positioned in Tehachapi, California. It changed into designed via , a studio that could sound acquainted to you from a recent exhibit that we made on their Rimrock house venture. however, the vicinity of the Tehachapi Mountains wherein the house was to be built has an intense environment prone to wooded area fires. This performed a first-rate role within the fabric choice. The rest of the layout follows a simple scheme, including a crucial social regions and plenty of separate private regions for absolutely everyone.

Set within the harsh high barren region of California, Sawmill is a family retreat embedded into the difficult, scrubby panorama. Sawmill harnesses the challenges and possibilities of its remote website online, emphasizing sustainable techniques and reclaimed materials. Demonstrating that excessive design also can be excessive overall performance, Sawmill is a net-0 home that operates absolutely off the grid.

The purchaser quick referred to as for a self-sufficient domestic that maximized connection between structure and nature, and among family members inside. Riffing at the way of life of tents round a campfire, the residence is made out of 3 wings connected via the valuable fire within the dwelling location. right here, a 12-via-26-foot window wall retracts with the flip of a wheel, transforming the outdoor patio into the fourth “tent” around the hearth.

tough as nails, Sawmill is made from long lasting materials that may resist the tough weather, wherein fires are a prime hazard in summer and winters are extraordinarily bloodless. The design technique become driven by means of a scavenger mentality, looking for always to do greater with much less, together with the usage of salvaged and recycled materials whenever feasible.

cautiously sited to limit disturbance to its remote environment, Sawmill recognizes that even as the barren region is harsh, it's also fragile. historically, the valley have been used for mining, ranching and logging – consequently the call “Sawmill.” recognizing this beyond exploitation of the site, the house owners desired their residence to present returned to the land, in preference to take from it. Sawmill stands as a testament to excessive design as an environmental ethic – a building that connects human beings to region.

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