Black Lodge by Tomislav Soldo in the Croatian Countryside

Black Lodge by Tomislav Soldo in the Croatian Countryside

venture: Black LodgeArchitects: Tomislav SoldoLocation: Gorski Kotar, CroatiaArea: 1,076 sq.ftPhotographs by way of: Jure Živković

Tomislav Soldo is a Croatian architect who has designed the Black motel within the mountainous vicinity of Gorski Kotar in Croatia.The contemporary -story residence offers 1,076 rectangular toes of residing space as well as big windows that provide beautiful views of the amazing environment.The house doesn’t stand out a whole lot from the other houses within the location. It has a pitched roof, a compact format and a facade made from timber, but, it's miles still specific in its very own manner. check it out!

The genesis of this residence would possibly have a quite peculiar narrative. The probably reversed however absolutely no longer unwanted manner of conceiving and designing the gap wherein the most sensory function has the character itself.

to begin with, before the entirety else, there was a walnut tree, imparting best herbal color and representing the primary outside living space. over time, a terrace become step by step formed around the tree, and ultimately the concept of building the house emerged.

The sloped terrain with its panoramic view overlooking the nearby forest and mountainscape together with the location of the prevailing terrace were the handiest determining factors in the procedure of designing this country residence.without any need for flirting with or relating to present and conventional in its surrounding, with out a need for appropriation or approval, this was in reality approximately to be a house on a hill, a terrace extension and enclosed belvedere. The pitched roof, the compact layout design and using wood in facade cladding had been the only unique functional factors of the location familiar and applied into the design.

With the gross floor place of 100m2 the residence includes a small garage on basement level, a residing room with an open kitchen and a toilet unit at the ground floor, and a dozing vicinity on mezzanine level.

The aim to achieve a spatial flow among the exterior and interior, notably in terms of connecting the indoor kitchen vicinity, the summer time outdoor kitchen and the terrace, changed into equally sought to be achieved in the indoors layout itself in the shape of an open area plan.

hence, the complete house is perceived as a unmarried extent, substantially reflecting the encircling nature from its every unmarried point, whereas the kitchen and the rest room location shape a small compact container-like center set within the large residence quantity.

apart from the concrete basement and foundations, the residence turned into completely fabricated from aerated concrete blocks which drastically multiplied production on the given area. The 30cm thick outdoors walls, additionally product of aerated concrete blocks, met all constructing physics necessities without a additional thermal insulation wished. The thermal performance in terms of undesirable overheating at some stage in summer season and warmth loss in winter time became stronger by way of a ventilated facade fabricated from Siberian larch cladding.

The facade is painted with layers of black wood tar, a natural actual product which penetrates deep into the timber giving it safety and lasting for a protracted time period.

the appearance of daytime black compact and apparently monolithic structure is altered inside the night through switching the lighting on. The residence becomes a delicate nearly lantern like object, casting light on its environment through the shutter slots imitating the sun rays that illuminate the interior during the day.

–Tomislav Soldo

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