An Award Winning Flat Design with Luxurious Details: Yedimavi Show Flat

An Award Winning Flat Design with Luxurious Details: Yedimavi Show Flat

task: Yedimavi display FlatArchitects: vicinity: Istanbul, TurkeyYear: 2018Photographs by means of: Courtesy of 

, a Turkish studio, has finished their indoors layout of a highly-priced flat in Turkey’s capital Istanbul. The Yedimavi show Flat is an award prevailing project -a costly flat integrated with arts and enriched with elegant details. The interior format boasts a master suite with a master toilet as well as 2 extra bedrooms with their very own bathrooms. furthermore, the open waft residing spaces are related with each other however separated from the home office and the servant’s room. the main areas also are blessed with a full sea view.

Yedimavi display Flat designed with the aid of Gonye Tasarim became offered inside the international layout Awards 2018. Gonye Tasarim aimed to create a flat which is included with arts and enriched with elegant info.

Yedimavi is a high priced display flat, designed by way of Gonye Tasarım, has been presented in 11st The international design Awards in the category of  ‘’indoors layout’’. The assignment designed for a brand new blended use challenge in Istanbul, Turkey.

The flat is surrounded with a complete sea view from each room. It has 1 master suite and grasp rest room, 2 bedrooms with bathrooms, a home office and a servant’s room with a separate rest room. massive living areas and hallways are linked with each other and integrated with arts and present day sculptures.

From the doorway entire flat has an endless sea scope; layout reason of Gonye Tasarim changed into to recognition at the view even as retaining the expensive info so the design palettes has been created for that reason, ceilings and floor plans & styles have nautical like rounded geometric bureaucracy. the doorway corridor wainscotings are product of especially coloured veneers and hiding laundry and coatroom with sliding doors.

The whole flat has been designed with heat toned herbal elements and bespoke brushed brass furnishings and fittings. Kitchen doorways also are prepared with brushed brass metallic surfaces and lacquered doorways. herbal stones and marbles are broadly used inside the lavatories and interior layout detailings. Bespoke fixtures, specifically decided on textile products and custom made paintings and rugs are lightened up the intimate luxury.

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