Secret Garden House by Wallflower Architecture + Design in Singapore

Secret Garden House by Wallflower Architecture + Design in Singapore

project: mystery garden HouseArchitects: place: Bukit Timah, SingaporeArea: 13,900 squareftPhotographs with the aid of: 

the name of the game garden house in Bukit Timah, Singapore is surely one that is aware of the way to draw interest. It turned into designed by means of  whose Six Ramsgate residence and The Travertine Dream house projects have already been featured on our web site.

As its name shows, the name of the game garden house is complete of fashionable surprises, having a blanketed lawn and a lovely swimming pool placed in a deeper plot of land within the courtyard. everything was designed in a way to shield the privacy of the population whilst offering every little luxury they want.

the name of the game lawn residence is located in the right class bungalow region of Bukit Timah. The proprietor’s brief become to have a high priced, tropical, current own family home. Being the owners of a construction enterprise and through building it themselves, it would additionally show off their professional capabilities.

The house sits on an L-fashioned web site with a slim and unassuming frontage; On all facets it's miles surrounded through neighbouring houses. similarly in and on a moderate rise, the majority of the land is not seen from the doorway. maximum nearby home buyers would regard the choppy terrain, narrow frontage and lack of prominence as a downside. The architect saw an opportunity in using the terrain to camouflage the majority of a large residence, and the lushness of a secret lawn to display it from prying eyes.

because the spatial and purposeful requirements had been sizable, the architect placed over a third of the residence into the growing land profile, efficiently hiding this mass by way of leveraging at the particular website. The perceived floor floor turned into set one degree above. It allowed for more privacy from the doorway avenue and a ‘plateau’-like terrace to compose the rest of the dwelling areas and gardens.

traffic are welcomed into the house through a granite cave entrance leading to an ‘underground’ lobby. The prominence of a metallic and glass spiral staircase leads visitors up to the living room. The owners had appreciated the idea of detaching the living and eating spaces and surrounding these by using pools and gardens. This ‘plateau’ ground degree turned into planned to be a space that mixed indoor and outdoor, smooth-scape and hard-scape. It become to be one-area, with several applications, in preference to many spaces with determined barriers and stuck functions. timber planted heavily around the perimeter shape a very private enclosure. Visually secure from outdoor, the ground simple structure may want to then be open and obvious without the owner’s privacy being compromised.

Conceptually, the above ground architectural composition is of square travertine blocks sitting on slim pilotis. The blocks are related at the second one ground through an enclosed bridge floated above the ground plane. A ribbon window cuts around the travertine stone façade. Adjustable vertical wood louvers covered strategically alongside this band of home windows shield the glazing and regulate how a great deal daylight reaches the interior, in addition to making sure privateness when required.

an outdoor living deck and roof garden tops-off the composition, and is usefully spacious enough for social gatherings and events. The deck’s going through is angled to enjoy views to scenic Bukit Timah Hill, the highest point in Singapore.

primary architectural ideas of orientation, thermal mass, sun-screening and natural air flow are essential to the design. it's miles a residence designed for the tropics, expressed by present day substances and contemporary aesthetics. each floor is designed to be go-ventilated. number one to the layout ethos are that breezes are to be advocated and unhindered. inside the basement, air flows via the huge cave-like garage commencing, via the timber slatted foyer and exits thru a vast sunken lawn courtyard at the rear that is open to the sky. Above ground, the lifted bedroom blocks are saved passively cool by layers of masonry, air cavities, travertine stone cladding, roof gardens and pergolas. home windows cut heat entry thru low-emission glass and wooden sunscreens clear out the robust tropical sunlight, and remodel it into a pattern of light and shadows that play into the indoors spaces. Skylights in addition animate the revel in within the path of the day via ever-moving shafts of light. while the state of affairs necessitates, the complete home may be closed off to tropical rain storms or the haze from pollutive burning.

The environment engifts you whilst there is respect and collaboration with both its strengths and weaknesses. despite being on an intensely urbanized island with one of the highest population densities within the world, the house recaptures what it's miles to privately revel in dwelling in the tropics, with its lushness, vibrancy and beauty ensconced in a secret garden.

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