Solar Umbrella House by Brooks + Scarpa Architects in Los Angeles, California

Solar Umbrella House by Brooks + Scarpa Architects in Los Angeles, California

challenge: solar Umbrella HouseArchitects: vicinity: l. a., California, USAArea: 13,454 squareftPhotographs by: 

 have controlled to convert a tiny Venice bungalow in los angeles, California right into a magnificent, spacious house that spans throughout more than one tiers. but that is not the most incredible reality approximately the sun Umbrella residence.As its call suggests, this home permits sustainable present day living by using fusing energy efficiency with an electricity impartial layout.

stimulated by way of Paul Rudolph’s Umbrella house of 1953, the sun Umbrella presents a modern reinvention of the solar cover—a method that gives thermal safety in climates with extreme exposures. Nestled amidst a neighborhood of unmarried tale bungalows the residence establishes a precedent for the following era of California modernist structure. placed on a 41’ wide x a hundred’-0” long through lot, the brand new addition transforms the architects’ existing 650 square foot bungalow into a total 1,900 square foot house geared up for responsible residing in the twenty-first century.

In establishing this system for his or her house, which accommodates the couple and their one toddler chose to combine into the layout, concepts of sustainability that they attempt to gain in their own exercise. The architects carefully taken into consideration the complete site, taking benefit of as many opportunities for sustainable living as feasible. Passive and lively sun layout techniques render the house one hundred% energy neutral. Recycled, renewable, and excessive performance materials and products are specified at some stage in. Hardscape and panorama treatments are taken into consideration for their aesthetic and actual effect at the land. The residence elegantly crafts each of those techniques and substances, exploiting the capacity for overall performance and sensibility even as attaining a wealthy and exciting sensory and aesthetic experience.

Taking benefit of the uncommon via lot site situation, the addition shifts the residence one hundred eighty ranges from its original orientation. What become formerly the the front and principal access at the north will become the back as the brand new layout reorganizes the residence closer to the south. This flow permits the architects to create a more gracious advent to their residence and optimizes publicity to strength rich southern sunlight. A formidable display of solar panels wrapping around the south elevation and roof turns into the defining formal expression of the house. Conceived as a sun canopy, these panels protect the frame of the constructing from thermal warmth advantage by using screening huge portions of the structure from direct publicity to the acute southern California solar. as opposed to deflecting sunlight, this state of the artwork solar pores and skin absorbs and tranforms this rich resource into usable energy, imparting the residence with one hundred% of its electricity. Like many design features at the sun Umbrella, the solar cover is multivalent and wealthy with that means—appearing numerous roles for each useful, formal and experiential impact.

by means of eliminating handiest one wall on the south, the architects maintain the number one layout of the existing house. The authentic bungalow, which become tightly packed with software (kitchen, dining, residing, two bedrooms and a tub) is joined with the aid of a full-size addition to the south, which incorporates a brand new entry, residing place, master bedroom inns, and application room for washing and garage. The kitchen, which as soon as formed the returned edge of the residence, opens into a massive residing place, which in flip, opens out to a spacious front yard. An operable wall of glass at the residing vicinity delicately defines the edge between indoors and outside. An unbroken visible corridor is hooked up from one end of the belongings to the other. Taking cues from the California modernist tradition, the architects conceive of exterior spaces as outdoor rooms. via creating robust visual and physical hyperlinks among outside and inside, those out of doors rooms interlock with interior spaces, blurring the boundary and developing a greater dynamic courting between the two. The entry sequence along the western fringe of the belongings similarly demonstrates this idea.

A solid in region concrete pool presents a stong landscape detail and defines the path to the the front access. Upon achieving the entry, the pool cascades right into a lower tier of water that penetrates and interlocks with the geometry and shape of the residence. In a pass that reinvents the welcome mat, stepping stones immersed within the water create an initiatory ceremony of passage into the residence because the traveler is invited walk across water. The distinction between inside and outside is another time blurred.

the master bedroom on the second stage reiterates the method of interlocking space. placed at once above the new residing region, up a set of floating, folded plate metallic stairs, the bed room strategically opens onto a deep covered patio which overlooks the lawn. Conceptually reminiscent of R.M. Schindler’s Kings street residence, this patio extends the bed room vicinity outdoors, creating the sensation of a drowsing loft exposed to the exterior. This deep porch carves out an exterior space inside the visible bounds of the constructing envelope and affords the the front elevation with a one of a kind character. What appears to be a significant region of the second ground is absolutely by no means enclosed however instead it's miles blanketed via the planes, which wrap round it.

A dynamic composition of interlocking strong and void creates a richly layered intensity to the design. Transparency via the house allows views to penetrate from the front to again. The shape seems to sit gently upon the land. Formal factors along these visible corridors—i.e. stairs, bearing walls, structural columns, guardrails, integrated fixtures and cabinetry– range in density, coloration and texture. mild penetrates the indoors of the residence at several places. a sequence of stepped roofs, glazed walls, and clerestory windows broadcast light from more than one guidelines. light and shadow—ephemeral and continuously changing effects–emerge as palpable formal gear that brighten up the greater permanent and fixed elements of the layout. together, all of these additives establish an efficiently layered composition wealthy in visible and formal hobby.

at some point of the residence, the architects resourcefully take materials and contextually reposition them as design elements. solar panels, conventionally relegated to a one-dimensional utilitarian application, outline envelope, provide safe haven and establish a different architectural expression. Homosote, an acoustical panel made from recycled newspaper is palm-sanded and used as a finish fabric for custom cabinets. OSB (oriented strand board) a structural grade constructing material composed of leftover wooden chips compressed collectively with high strength adhesive, becomes the number one flooring cloth where concrete is not used. Sanded, stained and sealed, the OSB floor paneling provides a fee powerful and materially responsible opportunity to hardwood. materials are decided on for both performance and aesthetic fee.

metallic stud creation replaces conventional wood framing. Recycled steel panels, sun powered in-ground radiant heating, excessive efficiency appliances and fixtures, and low v.o.c. paint update less efficient substances. Decomposed granite and gravel hardscape, including a stormwater retention basin are utilized in place of concrete or stone. not like their impervious options, those substances permit the floor to soak up water and in turn, mitigate city run-off to the sea. Drought tolerant xeriscaping compliments the textures and palette of the constructing even as imparting a low maintenance, aesthetically attractive.

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