Syshaus by Studio Arthur Casas in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Syshaus by Studio Arthur Casas in Sao Paulo, Brazil

venture: SyshausArchitects: location: Sao Paulo, BrazilPhotographs by: Filippo Bambergh

Designed through , the Syshaus is a new undertaking through the studio in the back of the AL house layout that we featured a while ago. This one, however, is manufactured from one hundred% recyclable substances, geared up with sustainable engineering solutions and modern smart domestic generation. All in all, that is a clever city domestic layout that may be prefabricated and take less time to finish than conventional homes.

The Syshaus residence involves the market bringing a new idea to stay with best, practicality and sustainability – now not most effective ideals, but powerful practices. The structural machine consists of standardized varieties of pillar, beam, joint node and screw, which whilst combined result in extraordinary configurations of plant life and programs, within a restrict of up to a few flooring, either in a flat or sloped terrain. The external and inner coverings, which include floors, partitions and linings, are also conceived as a part of a docking system. on this way, the house is totally assembled in the lot, without producing waste or eating herbal assets which includes water – abundantly wasted in conventional production.

Baptized as ‘ecosystemic’, the development respects nature as an awful lot as viable, from thought to transport of the keys – a duration which can correspond to only six months. The sustainable practices also are implemented to the day by day life of the residents with the aid of 3 critical and quintessential gadgets to the residence: rainwater harvesting for reuse inside the irrigation; domestic biodigester that transforms organic waste into gasoline, for eventual use in the fireplace and kitchen, fertilizer for the lawn and / or vegetable garden; and photovoltaic panels for solar energy, whose shrewd monitoring device allows the most performance within the use of electricity and 0 price inside the account.

some of the non-compulsory items are the inexperienced cowl that contributes to thermal and acoustic consolation, and automation. In phrases of security, it's far viable to opt for clever locks remotely activated through a cellular phone and cameras connected to the cellular device of the proprietor, in an incorporated mechanism of surveillance.

through Syshaus concept, the client buys a house as a product, selecting to be had options with described expenses and closing dates. The frequent poor surprises of traditional structures are crossed off. the construction device has a sturdiness above marketplace requirements, which permits us to provide a 20-year manufacturing facility assurance. The maintenance and replacements of parts are also smooth to perform, because the structure makes it feasible to collect and disassemble all of the factors.

The architect Arthur Casas conceived the interior design in the loose status idea.cabinets and kitchen, commonly constant in walls or walls, arrived inside the residence in an independent module layout. in this way, the proprietor can friends the modules as he/she needs or maybe transfers the device to a brand new domestic. the road of houses signed with the aid of Arthur Casas and crew may have versions on finishes, coatings and layouts, so that the purchaser can select the only in their choice.

all the furniture and accessories present in the house, together with the jewels, are launches designed by using Arthur Casas. The Syshaus product hosts all the modern technology already to be had, as different technologies a good way to be determined within the future. it is a constant and flexible technique of evolution and updating.

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