Belvedere Residence by Anastasia Arquitetos in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Belvedere Residence by Anastasia Arquitetos in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

project: Belvedere ResidenceArchitects: place: Belo Horizonte, BrazilArea: 3,982 sq.ftPhotographs with the aid of: Courtesy of 

The lovely Belvedere residence designed through  is positioned in Belo Horizonte in Brazil. It gives nearly four,000 square feet of residing spaces to its population mixing the indoor and outside areas seamlessly. The layout of this modern living is all approximately making the space look larger than it truly is. That effect is achieved thru the building’s rectangular shape divided in ranges where the lower one is extended into the out of doors regions.

The 370 rectangular meters house allotted in levels is located in a manly residential neighborhood inside the metropolis of Belo Horizonte – Brazil – on a 450 square meters flat web site. The architectural approach seeks to privilege the most integration of outside and inner regions, blending up their obstacles, and, then amplifying the feeling of wideness.

because of the reduced size of the web page, residual and crossing areas had been nearly unnoticed (as an example, there may be no entrance hall, in behalf of a visual permeability with the doorway garden, performed via huge pivotal doorways inside the facade).

The floor plan is square and compact, stretching till the website’s sidelines. The rooms are illuminated by big doorways front and back facades and additionally by using disheveled glass locking (u-glass that acts as an amazing thermal insulation because of the existence of an air layer between the glass sheets) between the lagged cowl labs. a pitcher cover over a concrete pergola complements the illumination via an indoor garden. therefore, the house is flooded by zenithal and indirect herbal mild that except warding off synthetic lights throughout the day, also avoids excessive warmth from direct sunlight. The winning wind comes from the road, accordingly the coming into doors work as regulators of wind speed. definitely opened within the summer, praise move ventilation, or closed inside the wintry weather, or maybe semi opened if little ventilation is desired.

The residence changed into hooked up in the street level, one meter above herbal floor, for you to avoid unevenness and enhance accessibility of the social regions. And, it also allow the house more blanketed from the soil moisture. it's far crucial to remind that one of the reasons for the implantation of compact area, reducing its footprint, changed into to growth the permeability of the floor, something without a doubt needed in our towns.

solar collectors (that meet the residence and the pool) occupy the most of the duvet slab which prevented the use of this place to start with pondered. due to the large spans favored, supported with the aid of few points of foundation, and also to the massive porch swing, the higher walls are concrete beams constructed by way of ripped varieties of wooden left obvious. Its aesthetics comes from a structural option, hence follows that it isn't decorative. This structural gymnastics become important, as the help pillars at the porch might be contrary to the goal of integration among interior/outside desired. The result turned into a lightweighted house (in spite of its aesthetics of uncovered concrete), lighted and ventiladed, with exceptional and proportional areas that puts into to practice the initial preference to the best feasible use of outside area.

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