Ring House by Vasco Cabral + Sofia Saraiva in Santarem, Portugal

Ring House by Vasco Cabral + Sofia Saraiva in Santarem, Portugal

venture: Ring house Architects: Vasco Cabral + Sofia Saraiva ()vicinity: Santarem, PortugalArea: 2,583 squareftPhotographs via: 

This weekend retreat in Santarem, Portugal changed into designed via Vasco Cabral + Sofia Saraiva () inclusive of three distinct areas.the ring house is a minimalist domestic on a beautiful location and with its 2,583 rectangular feet of living areas, it gives its inhabitants a social place, provider area and a private region, every of which in a separate functional area. In between them are the kitchen and toilet areas and thanks to the L-fashioned association of the spaces, the outside areas are kept personal.

placed in Santarém (centre), Portugal, the ring residence is a weekend retreat for a own family of four with the intention to in the end emerge as their number one residence. In terms of concept, it became supposed to create a living with traits and urban indoors finishes, that manipulate to integrate into the agricultural and more traditional context of Santarém. Designed to be a unmarried storey residing and located on pinnacle of a mild slope, it allows a quiet and serene usufruct that derives from the privileged relationship among the interior and the outdoors. the hoop house includes three well-described functional areas, a social region, a carrier region and a private region.

The latter, which has an extended frame with East-West orientation, acts as a barrier to the street that passes north. This barrier allows the introduction of a non-public social place, consisting of a terrace with swimming pool to the South. among the non-public location (to the North) and the Social vicinity (to the South) is the offerings vicinity, which includes the main front of the residence the East), a Kitchen, a toilet and a technical place. The L-formed volumetric arrangement permits the separation of the outside regions, arranging them in keeping with the degree of privacy favored around the residence. on the East side of the house next to the entrance door, from the out of doors, a covered area (ring) became created to get admission to the doorway. This lets in vehicle parking and due to the fact it's miles a extra uncovered place, has a much less private thing.

The whole area north of the residence acts as an get entry to to the doorway of the house (the East) and is exposed to the road. To the south, and visually protected via the extent of the slumbering area, there is the outside terrace with the pool, reduced relative to the interior stage of the house, where it was sought with the distinction certainly distinguishing the physical separation among the indoors and exterior, retaining, however, a robust visible connection. one of the most striking elements of the structure of the house is the lengthy longitudinal “tear” at the North facade, which makes the herbal illumination of the hall that serves the personal place of the residence. the ring residence floorplan seeks to combine the need of a family dwelling in an urban environment, with the want for it to experience closer contact with nature.

–Vasco Cabral + Sofia Saraiva ()

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