MA House by Cadaval & Solà-Morales in Tepoztlan, Mexico

MA House by Cadaval & Solà-Morales in Tepoztlan, Mexico

venture: MA HouseArchitects: Cadaval & Solà-MoralesLocation: Tepoztlan, MexicoArea: three,229 sq.ftPhotographs by: Sandra Pereznieto

Cadaval & Solà-Morales have designed the cutting-edge MA residence in response to the lush nature that surrounds the site with plant life, complemented by using the comfy temperatures all year long. additionally, two neighboring mountains provide this domestic placed in Tepoztlan, Mexico a sight to behold.

The defining characteristic of this monolithic house is its main construction fabric – stone. It changed into determined to use stone due to the fact it can be sourced domestically, from the web page itself. additionally, it lowered the value for maintenance.The specific shape of the house affects the interior by using filling it with herbal light.

The commission of the house comes together with the express petition to use stone as the main construction material. The choice doesn’t reply necessarily to esthetic reasons however much more likely to its not unusual life in the vicinity, its little need for protection and its low price for built rectangular meter. Such premises are taken as a challenge venture each in a structural, typological and esthetic way.

The MA house is set up inside the outskirts of Tepoztlán, a small picturesque village of prehispanic origins, that has a colonial urban center. located at 60 Km from Mexico town, Tepoztlán is widely known for its sunny days, a cozy temperature all year long, and its lush flowers. Water is a key actor over the rainy season, time while nature demonstrates its intense power.

The assignment for the MA residence responds to the search of a brilliant, extensive and relaxed space constructed through a fabric that, at the start, is hard and uncomfortable: the stone. With the presence of major mountains on each aspects of the plot, and two associates in the opposite path, the house is a simple volumetric workout: open the perspectives and the main areas to the mountains, and neglect the openings to the sides; and the definition of a critical and open patio, a crack that defines the access of the house. but, this residence doesn’t behave as a standard patio-house: usually, those are built via a imperative space round which all of the family members and circulations take location; the MA residence, meanwhile, develops all the circulations at its outer perimeter.

The residence is a succession of spaces with differentiated makes use of that outline the outer limit, a widespread geometrical rectangular. On top of such continuity of normal and perimeter circulations, the venture overlays a 2nd spatial method: the definition of a sequence of open and enclosed areas; the outside spaces -roofed patios-, intersect diagonally the volume and wreck with the pressure of the fringe performance.

The house is sooner or later drawn as the addition of 3 pavilions unified by way of a completely unique roof, producing two covered patios; the roof is non-stop, and rests on pinnacle of the structural stone walls which might be the main asset of the house, the texture, a hard and imposing material that builds up the distance, and reinforces the perspectives and the energy of nature. The residence is a chain of open and ever-converting family members with the character; and constantly, as a behind the scenes, the two big mountains of Tepoztlán.

–Cadaval & Solà-Morales

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